About the Arkansas Oklahoma Port Operators Association



The Association is a non-profit educational organization.


  1. To promote and encourage cooperation between ports.
  2. To stimulate interest in the orderly development and commercial use of regional water transportation systems.
  3. To continually inform the public on water transportation capabilities and limitations.
  4. To gather and disseminate information for use by the members of the association.

MEMBERSHIP (download a membership form and our info brochure here):

  1. Primary (voting): Port and terminal operators in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma, and others who are accepted for membership; $250.00 Annual Dues
  2. Associate (non-voting): Available by invitation to all parties who request, qualify and are accepted for membership; $175.00 Annual Dues
  3. Friend (Non-voting memberships shall be available by invitation to all former Arkansas River Historical Society members, Chambers, individuals and interested parties of the Waterway.  Friend Members do not have a vote in the Association); $100 Annual Dues


Governed by a board of twelve members, six from each state and four officers-at-large.

Officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  They are elected for a two-year term and each position alternates between states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.

  1. Encouraging continued development of the Corps of Engineers Navigation Program which benefits towing companies, barge lines, shippers and receivers through improved navigation conditions and increased reliability of the navigable waterways in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  2. Encouraging safe waterway operating practices and conditions.
  3. Encouraging adequate funding for Corps of Engineers and Coast Guard to assure continued development of regional waterways for both commercial and recreational use.
  4. Encouraging continued research and development of inland waterway navigation aids necessary for increased reliability of regional waterways.
  5. Promoting utilization of water transportation for shipments of goods into and out of the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  6. Gathering and disseminating information of interest to and use by association members.
  7. Encouraging swift passage of legislation exempting towing companies from payment of the Oklahoma sales tax on fuels and boat repairs, there-by stimulating investment and helping to create an economic climate equivalent to that in neighboring states.
  8. Opposing increase in weight minimums for barge rates.
  9. Formally opposing the application of excessive user charges on inland waterways.
  10. Urging congressional delegations of Arkansas and Oklahoma to oppose excessive user charges and encouraging the promotion of viable National Water Resource Policies which will enhance, rather than stifle, commercial navigation on inland waterways.
  11. Testifying as necessary before United States Senate and House sub-Committees and the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  12. Encouraging interchange of information between port and terminal operators and the barge line industry.
  13. Supporting more economical freight rates for higher tonnages loads.
  14. Opposing introduction of freight rates which are discriminatory to area waterways.
  15. Actively monitoring freight rate changes which may have an adverse impact on commercial traffic on area waterways.